Issue Three to Feature Chicago Writers and Artists

The Goreyesque team is excited to present Issue Three, online Friday, April 25, which will feature work by writers and artists from Chicago, Edward Gorey's hometown. 

Many of these talented ladies and gentlemen will appear at the Goreyesque reading event at the Loyola University Museum of Art (LUMA) on Tuesday, April 29. If you are in town, you must join us!

Issue Three will feature:



Danielle Wilcox - "Little Sister"

Sam Weller - "Conjuring Danny Squires"

Ben Tanzer - "Freddie's Dead"

Alex Jaros - "In The Darkness"

Scott Eagan - "Requiem"

Juli Clifton - "The Fates Go Fishing"

Mort Castle - "Hey, Sarge and Regis Toomey"



Tina Jens and Martin Mundt - "One Night at the Villa Dementia"



Borja Cabada

Janet Lefley

Kira Padilla

Summer Porter