Goreyesque Reading Event Recap

On Tuesday, April 29, the editors of Goreyesque hosted a reading event at the Loyola University Museum of Art (LUMA) in Chicago, where the companion exhibitions Elegant Enigmas: the Art of Edward Gorey and G is for Gorey – C is for Chicago: The Collection of Thomas Michalak can be seen until June 15, along with an installation by Chicago artist Kenneth Gerleve, called Summerland: A Ghost Story.

The event received a wonderful turnout, and the work of the featured readers was well-received. The evening included:

Tina Jens - "One Night at the Villa Dementia" (poem, written with Martin Mundt)

Danielle Wilcox - "Little Sister" (short story)

Adam McOmber - "The Other Sofa" (short story)

Julianne Clifton - "The Fates Go Fishing" (short story)

Pete Anderson - "The Afternoon Party" (poem)

Grace Hertenstein - "The New Arrival" (short story)

Joe Meno - "The Use of Medicine" (short story)

Thank you to all who attended, and to LUMA, who donated the gallery space for the event and copies of the exhibition catalogue for all the readers. Below are photos from the event (taken by Howard Simmons and Danielle Wilcox).