Summer 2014

                                     Illustration © 2014 Ben Wickey

The summer months have sufficiently melted the icicles from our frozen hearts. The spirits of Edward Gorey’s spring exhibitions still hover around downtown Chicago. Here at Goreyesque, we continue to marvel at the man’s influence over art and literature. To continue celebrating his legacy through the sunshine and warmth (while it lasts) we’ve whipped up an eclectic mix of dark humor, lascivious wit, general creepiness, and feral children. Curl up in air-conditioned comfort, and let these works thrill and chill you. Welcome to Summer 2014.



Russell Bradbury-Carlin

"Professor Tinderbrooks' Hauntingly Horriffic Extravaganza"

Jodie Childers

"The Die-o-rama"

Corvus & Lavinia Edwards with E.M. Edwards

Selections from The White Owl and Other Small Stories:
"Fierce Friends", "Small Teeth", "Bronze Age", and "Be They Rook Raven"

David Macpherson

"The Impertinent Traveler"



Molly Ruddell

"Out of the Box"



Karen Greenbaum-Maya

"Lit Major Grad School Blues" and "Lives of the Poets"

Aaron DeMuth

"I Watered Everything"



G.C. Cuevas

"Invasion of the Flying Robots"

Sash Jawed

"Gorey Couch"

Ben Wickey

"Gorey Portrait"