Aaron DeMuth's silverware is slowing falling apart, he's down to three forks, two knives, one chair, a pack of breath mints, a bad attitude, enjoys elephant ears, has a C30 tape, a couple pens, drawings that are 3D and uses a skeleton key to get into his closet. What else is there to do in Rhode Island? More of his work can be seen here: www.noraahtumed.com. Or follow him on Instagram: http://instagram.com/noraahtumed.



I Watered Everything

Aaron DeMuth


Father once told me to water everything.
I didn't for years until he passed away.

So I watered his grave and he turned to glue.
The mud turned to grass and the flowers bloomed.
I watered the flowers and they grew and they grew.
I watered the daisies and they grew bright too.
So I watered the tombstone and what did that do?

It turned into sand in just a few, just a few.

So I watered the stones and our town became sand.
A coastal property sprung up and I watered that land.
The tourists came in and they wrecked our small town.
So I watered them back to where they were found.