Issue Two

                                                 Illustrations © The Edward Gorey Charitable Trust. All rights reserved.

                                                 Illustrations © The Edward Gorey Charitable Trust. All rights reserved.

Goreyesque began as an inkling of an idea, sparked at a party where writers and artists alike enjoyed lively conversation and one or two alcoholic beverages. Let's do this, let's do that, they agreed, and before they knew it, a project was born. In the months that followed, the project grew to an admirable size, attracting writers both novice and experienced, artists of all mediums, and champions around the world. The Loyola University Museum of Art in Chicago opened its Gorey-centered exhibitions, along with Kenneth Gerleve's companion installation, Goreyesque released its first issue in February, and the curious adventure continues.

We are thrilled to present Issue 2 of Goreyesque, once again containing fiction from writers across the spectrum, an essay starring Edward Gorey himself, dark and mischievous verse, and multi-disciplinary artwork. Remember, it's never too late to submit your own work and participate in the titillating amusements.   



Adam McOmber

"The Other Sofa"

Richard Thomas

"Tinkering with the Moon"

Stephen Williams

"Bridge of Air, Bridge of Silk"



Katherine Gleason

"Doubtful Guests"



Chris Smith and Holly L'Oiseau

"The Sweet Family Siblings"

 James Dorr

"New Arrival"



Sean James McLauchlan

Luke Spooner

Davey Krofta