Beverly Komoda: Born – Seattle, WA. Attended The Chouinard Art Institute, Los Angeles, CA. Major — Animated Film Arts. Married, and moved to New York City area. Ten Children’s Picture Books — Six as illustrator, four as author/illustrator—for Macmillan, Parents Magazine Press, Harper/Collins. Is on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Our Pet

Beverly Komoda

We found the thing among the trees
  behind Muldovan’s shed. 
The thing was slightly furry with a
  large and lumpy head. 
We took it home and fed it milk,
  but it refused to drink.
We fed it meat and found it liked
  roast beef served rare and pink.
Then, Towser disappeared, and then 
  we couldn’t find small Ned.
Then, Flora wasn’t present save 
  the ribbon from her head.
When Mother vanished also, we decided
  with much dread,
To return the naughty thing
  back behind Muldovan’s shed.