Dylan Weir is a Chicagoan and MFA Poetry candidate at the University of Wisconsin, Madison where he teaches creative writing. He has work in: Rhino, After Hours: A Journal of Chicago Writing and Art, Columbia: a Journal of Literature and Art, Cleaver, Mobius, H_NMG_N, The Legendary, Literary Orphans, and others.


"Chirish" and "The Viagra Triangle"

Dylan Weir



St. Patrick’s being funnelled down some wasp’s throat.
Nobody seems to know what’s real or folklore anymore.

I feel more at home with convicts than classmates &
today a clerk woke me off the floor of a liquor store,

locked in a trojan horse. I am not splitting
hairs between trackmarks & corpses anymore

nor the difference between dissecting poems & 
patients at Chicago Detox-Lakeshore. I’ll ignore

it like servings of Jack versus Jameson, I just
don’t want to reap what I pour anymore.


The Viagra Triangle

“A sub set of the Rush Street nightlife district on Chicago's Near North Side. So named for the abundance of mostly-affluent older men who frequent the local bars.” -Urban Dictionary
Bela Lugosi lives on my block.
Friday night I’m locked inside
writing anemic poetry. Finish,
and go watch the walking dead,
the living crawl. Nosferatu’s
passing through red velvet ropes. 
18-year-olds hanging off
the corpse’s shoulders
asking how much
he makes
before taxes.
I’m locked inside
trying to write blood
into a second poem.