Davey Krofta

Davey Krofta is an artist living and working in Chicago. His practice focuses on the colorful, the humorous, the bizarre; utilizing a mix of styles and materials to create experiences that invite and entertain. Currently Davey is working on a show called ‘Teratoid Teens From Another Place‘ which opens this summer at Peanut Gallery in Chicago. Dave’s work has been exhibited widely across the Midwest and East Coast and has been featured in two books published by Gestalten press: Tangible and Hair 'Em, Scare 'Em. He has had a longtime love affair with the work of Edward Gorey and credits him as one of his earliest influences on his love for the macabre and the strange. These portraits of mutts and their masters are a humble tribute to the narratively vague, yet engaging vignettes that Gorey excelled at.